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El 04/11/10 17:14, Tzafrir Cohen escribió:
> In the ‘files’ mode Asterisk plays the music separately for each
> channel. If you use mpg123 or any other streamer, there is a single
> stream per class.
A single stream per class sounds like good efficiency. Could you please
tell me what streamers can be used with asterisk to stream say, gsm or
wav files for MoH? I’d appreciate this info, we usually use ‘files’ mode
and changing that could lower the load on asterisk.


One thought on - MoH streamers for asterisk

  • It really won’t. The only thing that will lower your load when it comes to
    MOH is to keep MOH in all formats which are streamed to your customers.
    The reason why the mpg123 mode uses a single stream is because decoding
    mp3 puts an incredibly large burden on your CPU, so running multiple
    streams is not practical.