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Dears Friends,

I currently have 16 Cisco SPA525g phones with a SPA500s (Attendant
Console) connected to each phone.
All of the 16 phones, have their Attendant Console configured the same
way, where they are subscribing to each of the 16 phones.

When I power on the switch, where all the phones are connected to, I
then get 16 registers, and 256 subscriptions (16 * 16) happening at
the same time.

What often happens, is that most of the peers is getting UNREACHABLE
or Lagged…. When I try to call during this time, I get a timeout…

After some minutes the Asterisk box is back in business, but at the
next round of re-subscribe, I happens again..

I have tried to reproduce this in a test environment, and I only
manage to reproduce this by adding some network delay on the asterisk
box it self..

Any ideas on where to start debugging?

I’m running on Asterisk 1.4, with realtime users, with cache and
qualify turned on.

Best regards
Glenn Larsen

One thought on - UNREACHABLE/Lagged happening on “bulk” register/subscribe

  • Hi Stefan,

    Yes, the 1.4-svn works a lot better… Do you have the bug # ? I tried
    to find it, but I couldn’t locate it.

    I’m still able to make the Asterisk not respond (timeout for phones
    trying to call) when all clients are subscribing at the same time, but
    it was a lot harder.

    Thank you..