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Hi All,

I am trying to call my own service through Asterisk and the DTMF is not
recognized . I also noticed the following issue, the phone rings for about
8-9 times before the line is picked up but when it is picked up it seems
that our system has picked up the call much earlier, I could just not hear
anything except the ring.

that means other system picked UP a call and my SIP phone still here RINGS
when i get connected it give me that my IVRS is started and some welcome
prompt are also goes and once i connected i got prompt for entering

is this due to dialoptions I passed ‘*rt*’ or something version related
issue with asterisk,

also i note-down one thing that once my IVRS received call from my asterisk
machine i am getting SIP 183 ‘session progress’ not 200 OK for INVITE ,

Please help me to solve out this suggest some DIAL OPTIONS or some setting
in SIP if i am missing.