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Hey Everyone;

I inherited an Asterisk box where the dialplan is a real mess. ( I would
actually be embarrassed to post some of the stuff!)

So, here is what I need to do – and again, I am looking for fishing nets
and places to cast them – if I don’t figure it out, I will never
freakin’ learn!

I have several users configured (101, 102, 105, 155, 211, etc). They are
all in different contexts. I don’t want to mess up what is already
there, I just want to make sure that they are all able to dial each
other. I would assume that they would all have to be in the same contexts.

So, on that note, where would I look about information on putting all of
my users in a common context without messing up what I already have.

Do you follow? I hope so!


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