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I’m sorry for the my trivial quest.
I Have asterisk 1.4 with TDM 400 with FXO and FXS, and works fine from
several months.
Now I want to connect a device to TDMFXS that want a ring frequecy of
25 hz to activate: i am italian, and usually the ring freq is 20 hz.
The other time (I have used that device several times with other
asterisk installation) I have modified /etc//modprobe.conf and added the
options wctdm opermode=TBR21 fxshonormode=1

But now this not works: I have changed the TDM but nothing……..

How is possible to modify ring frequency ?


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  • You’ll have to change it in a zaptel source file, and recompile zaptel. I’ll
    confirm name of the file later today. I have done it a few times.

    Zeeshan A Zakaria

  • I have not tried it myself, but I believe ‘modprobe wctdm fastringer=1
    fxshonormode=0 opermode=TBR21′ should speed up the ring frequency to 25 Hz.

    Does this work for you?

  • I’m sorry but doesn’t work !
    I have used:
    -> options wctdm opermode=TBR21 fxshonormode=1 -> nothing
    -> I have modified in usr/src/zaptel/ in all the files the next
    {20,”RING_OSC”,0x7EF0} -> {20,”RING_OSC”,0x7E6C}
    {21,”RING_X”,0x0160} -> {21,”RING_X”,0x023A}
    I have recompiled, reinstalled and.. nothing !
    Thje ring is the same
    Where is the error ?
    I use asterisk and zaptel