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Hello Folks;

Again, excuse my cluelessness.

I have an Asterisk server in the US – and I want to connect it to one in

Here is my scenario:

1. call a phone number, my Asterisk box in the US answers
2. perhaps a ‘please wait’ voice message
3. it dials an extension on the other Asterisk box in Europe.

I am not looking for someone to do this for me, I am just not really
sure how to get started. Perhaps some suggested reading, examples, etc?

Any help at all would be appreciated.

Thanks much.


3 thoughts on - IAX or SIP – connecting two Asterisk servers together

  • The simplest approach would be to skip the answering and just dial
    through immediately, feeding back the destination’s ring tone to the

    Set up an IAX link between the two boxes (you could do it with SIP, but
    I found IAX less trouble), then set up an appropriate bit of dialplan
    logic on the American box, as it might be:

    exten => 4682,1,Dial(IAX2/username@eurobox/8873)


  • Silver Thorne wrote:
    This is fairly easy to do, and works well using the IAX protocol. There
    are a group of some 100-200 nodes worldwide doing something similar
    connecting electromechanical switches and collectors ( think amateur
    radio without the radio )
    The way we are doing it wouldn’t help you too much as we have a central
    reference point for line numbers, but there are nodes from NZ to the UK
    to the US that are interconnected on an as needed basis. Our dialplan
    is based on ( in the US ) the NANP with no NPA, and outside the US
    existing country codes. We have had some amusing examples of hackers
    that have managed to break in and thinking they have PSTN access, ended
    up with some ( to them ) surprises. Call setup times are short, 1-2
    seconds generally, so I doubt you would even need a “please wait” recording.
    See ckts.info for more information on the network and some coding
    examples that might help.

    John Novack