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Dears ,

I am running asterisk version with asterisk Fax Version

I installed on it two channels (one Fax for Asterisk channel and one Free
Fax for Asterisk)

My license files located at /var/lib/asterisk/licenses/

The two channels was working fine until I restart my PC,I did not change
anyof my network cards or mac Address ,

How can I reload the channel license and have 2 licnesed channels instaed
of one.

NB: Asterisk is send Fax normally but with one channel

root@pbx:~ $ cd /var/lib/asterisk/licenses/

root@pbx:/var/lib/asterisk/licenses $ ls

FAX-35E96E77.lic FFA-0D3BC45F.lic FFA-270245D3.lic

pbx*CLI> module reload res_fax_digium.so

One thought on - Fax Degium channel License

  • Hi Khaled,

    Install spandsp, and you can run as many FAX channels as the hardware
    can support without restriction.