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I have recently updated from Centos/*1.2 to Ubuntu Server and FreePBX

We have an Astribank with 4 T1 ports and 16 FXS ports. After updating, we
had it working for a while with one NT PRI and one TE PRI and, in the
process of trying to configure another PRI, I ran into a couple problems.

(1) As my configuration changes didn’t seem to affect the Astribank, I
power-cycled it. I found that it doesn’t reload firmware automatically when
it’s connected. I can force it to load, but am missing something to reload

(2) I would appreciate a step-by-step suggestion of how I can make
configuration changes that propagate properly to the Astribank.

(3) I’d like to know if it’s possible to determine what configuration has
been loaded into the Astribank without visiting the site and looking at the

I’ve spent quite a bit of time Googling, but haven’t come up with the right
combination of stuff.

Thanks for any help you can give,

One thought on - Astribank Configuration Issues

  • What’s the output of:

    dahdi_hardware -v

    Do you have fxload installed?

    There’s practically no configuration in the Astribank itself. There is
    firmware that gets loaded to it at startup, as it is not saved on the
    Astribank itself. But the configuration is on your system.