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We’ve experienced asterisk has gone without any message, it wasn’t any
segfault, anything in asterisk messages log that says about shutting
Asterisk process has just diapered.

Has anybody got similar problem?
Asterisk is version 1.4.29-1 from digium repository.

3 thoughts on - Asterisk died without any message, segfault

  • How do you launch asterisk ? did you try without ‘safe_asterisk’ or
    anything like it,
    just ‘asterisk -cvvv’ within a ‘screen’ for example ?
    Have you searched the bugs repository ?
    there is a few new releases for 1.4.x, it is mostly bug fixes.
    I would suggest you try the latest one and if it still dies build it
    with debugging options

  • 2010/10/27 Benoit :
    It was launched by safe_asterisk, asterisk was launched with following
    parameters -f -vvvg -c

    Yes, and i don’t have found anything about problems like this.

    I know, but this is a critical machine and we can update it in near
    future, cause we don’t have any service window next days.

  • Le 28/10/2010 08:41, Krzysztof Urbaniak a √©crit :

    yes well, i have experienced some very weird comportement with
    safe_asterisk, and colors …

    Another question is what physical interface/card/driver are you using ?
    maybe there is a bug in
    your current driver

    Is it really better to let this kind of things happens ? can’t you just
    build & install the new release
    and restart on the next unused period / night / .. (after testing on
    another system) ?