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  • Un-self-top-posting…


    0) This is a volunteer list. Nobody is obligated to answer.

    1) Maybe nobody else has experienced this problem.

    2) Maybe you failed to provide any information that would allow anybody to
    offer any suggestions of how to resolve your problem.

    Let’s start with some simple details…

    a) What OS and version?

    b) What version of Asterisk?

    c) What technology is used for the failing call? I’m assuming SIP…

    d) What endpoint is involved? For example, Cisco 7960 with 8.3 firmware.

    e) What does your dialplan look like? Please use “show dialplan” so we can
    see what Asterisk sees.

    f) What does the Asterisk console output show after “upping” debug and
    verbose levels.

    g) Can the problem be replicated with a different endpoint? For example, a
    Zoiper Communicator 1.18.6898 softphone?

  • On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 11:11 AM, Steve Edwards
    href=””>      Voice: +1-760-468-3867 PST

    Let me also note for the original poster….Absolutely NOBODY likes
    doubleposters (or crossposters) who are asking for help. Try reading
    my response to your OTHER post regarding this. Also, I second
    everything that Mr Edwards said… I’m still at a loss as to why
    people a) get pissy because no-one responds to a help request on an
    all volunteer list, and/or b) don’t include even the most base
    information that would enable said volunteers to begin to help.

    Ahhhhhh sigh…..
    The Mick

  • Sherwood McGowan wrote:


    Often it is because they are not aware it is an all-volunteer list.

    /Per Jessen, Zürich