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My asterisk’s version is I’ve couple sip providers and I’ve
for new SIP provider I need define outbound proxy. Everything is ok in peer
section (outboundproxy= But what about SIP REGISTER messages? I
need send SIP register messages also via outbound proxy. How to write SIP
OUTBOUND call register statement and send this to proxy?
If I define in general section this:

Works OK , but now Asterisk sends all SIP messages via this
proxy! So after changes other carrier stopped to work.
Is it possible to write SIP registration statement to one provider and send
these messages via outbound proxy? I mean to have multiple registration line
and have different outboundproxy for each line.


One thought on - particular sip registry and outbound proxy

  • Put the outboundproxy= under individual sip context not under the
    [general], it should work.