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  • On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 7:06 PM, Paul Belanger wrote:


    It seems you were using a beta/SVN release for your example. Do the
    following two packages need to be installed if using the stable 1.6.0
    release before building from source? I ask as I am unable to dial out.

    $ apt-get install libikesemel-dev
    $ apt-get install libssl-dev

    Secondly, do you know if the username/password are sent in clear text
    to the Google?


  • I installed the two packages previously mentioned but still lack
    outbound dialing. I enabled debugging and am getting the following
    messages. I double checked the password and even changed it to one
    without special characters but still the same results.

    [Oct 24 23:07:55] ERROR[28785]: res_jabber.c:1693 aji_act_hook:
    JABBER: encryption failure. possible bad password.

    [Oct 24 23:07:55] ERROR[28785]: res_jabber.c:1576 aji_act_hook:
    aji_act_hook was called with out a packet
    [Oct 24 23:07:55] WARNING[28785]: res_jabber.c:1391 aji_recv: Parsing
    failure: Hook returned an error.
    [Oct 24 23:07:55] WARNING[28785]: res_jabber.c:2742 aji_recv_loop:
    JABBER: Got hook event.
    [Oct 24 23:07:55] WARNING[28785]: res_jabber.c:2753 aji_recv_loop:
    JABBER: socket read error

  • That makes sense but I do not see where the new feature is in Asterisk
    1.8 which include Google Voice support per

    290973 |dvossel |Make outbound Google Voice calls. | |

    It seems that the GV has been a feature for sometime with previous
    versions? I’m just trying to keep the process as simple as possible
    and seeing three different methods is a little confusing:
    (no script referenced) (python script and listed in the
    change log above) (AGI script)

    Is your .agi and .git the same script? I do not have a git client on
    this host to see for myself.


  • Thanks Anthony,

    Interestingly enough outbound dialing started working. Had no clue
    until someone called and told me my Google Chat status was updated.

    Is there a way to prevent Google Chat from staying logged in but still
    be able to dial outbound? People think I’m logged in persistently and
    send me messages that I miss. Even if I set a status message in
    asterisk most users are not going to understand…


  • Had the same issue, but have not had a chance to find a good solution.
    You could change your status to DND. I tried invisible put seems not
    to be supported.

  • href=””> | IRC: pabelanger (Freenode) |

    Not a bad idea. The number I am using I have already given out to a
    number of people or else I would of registered a second account just
    for this purpose.