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My asterisk machine has 2 nic’s. One nic (ETH0) is connected to a cable
modem. The other nic (ETH1) is connected to an internal lan. The
internal lan also has access to the internet.

The cable service, Time-Warner RoadRunner, is great when up, but is not
reliable. And sip connections are excellent. The connection through the
internal lan (Verizon DSL) is reliable but lousy. Sigh.

When the cable is down, the interface connection to the cable modem
stays up. An ifconfig shows ETH0 as up. The only way to tell is to ping
an outside address.

I thought of bonding. But that won’t work since it will see ETH0 as up,
even if the cable service is down.

Is there a way to implement network failover that actually checks for
true internet connection? This way I can keep my sip connection up, even
if degraded.


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  • To be honest, I’m not sure Asterisk could do that, but I could be
    wrong. I’ve tried to fool with multiple interfaces in the past and as
    I recall Asterisk can only bond to 1 interface. However, if anyone
    else knows different I’d LOVE to find that they changed that 😀