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I am working on TDM2400p. I am having some problems like:
when i connect my analog phone with the card there is no dial tone, but i
can dial any extension… but after that i can’t hear any voice from my
receiver i have used different phone sets but still i cant communicate with
other extension.
Please help me out.

Thank you

Ali Raza

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  • There isn’t enough information in this email to offer help. It sounds
    like there is one-way audio from the FXS port (assuming that when you
    said you’re connecting your analog phone you mean you’re connecting a
    handset to an FXS port).

    What is the output from dmesg when you load the driver? What version of
    the driver/asterisk are you using? Perhaps you could use dahdi_monitor
    to record the audio from the channel your phone is connected to in order
    to isolate the problem to either Asterisk or the drivers.


  • Hi every body;

    I want to intall some softwars working with my Asterisk server and I get these erreurs :

    error: cannot seek `/dev/sda’. error: cannot seek `/dev/sda’. error: cannot seek `/dev/sda’.
    /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot seek `/dev/sda’. dpkg: error processing grub-pc (–configure):
    subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1

    Please can any one let me know how can I resolve this problem;

  • I hope your hard drive is not /dev/sda. Although this could also be a configuration issue.

    And this indicates you’re trying to install grub.

    If you’re installing grub, you’re probably starting from scratch on a new disk. You should look up a tutorial on how to test your hard drive, but an abbreviated tutorial is to get a Live DVD distro, burn it, boot off of it, and before mounting any partitions on /dev/sda, run badblocks -nvs /dev/sda on it. Let that run for however long it needs to; this will test all of the sectors on your drive to ensure they’re working correctly. If it outputs any errors or starts writing out lots of numbers, you have a disk problem.

    Now, on to Asterisk: If your box is blank, you should just install a distribution designed for Asterisk:

    If this is an existing system, it sounds like you have a serious configuration issue or hardware problem, so you should head to the forums for whatever distro you’re using (looks like some Debian variant).

  • This isn’t an Asterisk problem per se. It *could* be the beginning of a very nasty hardware problem (hard disk failure imminent) or it could be no more than a simple misconfiguration.

    It looks, from the messages, as though you are running Ubuntu or Debian. Is that so? Which release? And what output do you get for
    # mount and
    # fdisk -l