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How to properly re-configure dahdi, when for instance I want to change from
TE to NT mode ?

I’m planning the following operations :

/etc/init.d/asterisk stop
/etc/init.d/dahdi stop
rmmod dahdi
rm /etc/asterisk/dahdi-channels.conf
rm /etc/dahdi/system.conf
rm /etc/dahdi/modules
nano /etc/dahdi/genconf_parameters
dahdi_genconf -v modules
dahdi_genconf -v system
dahdi_genconf -v chandahdi

Am I missing something ?


2 thoughts on - How to properly re-configure dahdi

  • I’m not sure that dahdi_genconf can tell those changes, as the driver
    does not report them.

    The modules file has not changed, anyway.

  • 2010/10/25 Tzafrir Cohen

    I did a couple of tests since I posted this note and now, I’ve got the
    feeling that some cards when NT mode is enabled, are not always detected
    (and configured by dahdi_genconf) as such.
    I don’t have the time to dig a bit further now but I’ll do ASAP and report