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I wonder if I may freely use the default soundfiles that came with asterisk
(fpm-world-mix, fpm-calm-river and fpm-sunshine) on production server?

Are there any official sources of royalty free music?

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  • The sound files for MOH, just like the voice files of Alison and
    others are open and free. You of course can always donate your
    royalty free sounds or pay for some new sounds. If your language is
    not included in Asterisk, please contact a quality voice actor and
    submit some sound files for your language.

    If you are using Asterisk and the sound files in some unique or large
    installation you may want to send a summary of the project to Digium
    so that they can add it to the list of cool case studies.

    Andrew “lathama” Latham


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    On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 6:44 AM, Aurimas Skirgaila

  • I think you are the first person ever to ask this question. Of course you
    can use them, they are royalty free for a purpose.

    Zeeshan A Zakaria

  • I didn’t know about Digium’s cool case studies. Will my realtime virtual PBX
    with partially javascript based GUI and Voice Reminder service fit into cool
    case study?

    Zeeshan A Zakaria

  • Thank you guys for making me sure about this question and pointing to useful

    * yes, I might be the first one because googling didn’t give me any certain

  • Not the first person and I recall that the music source was changed
    recently due to some countries not honouring the royalty free status of
    the original MoH files..

    Just have a look at the CREDITS and LICENSE files in the MoH directory to
    get the proper definitions and sources.

    E.G. The LICENSE file:

    These files are distributed under the Creative Commons
    Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license through explicit permission from their

    The license can be found at:

    My customers are regularly called by the PRS cartel in the UK (or whatever
    they’re called now) asking what their source of hold music is…


  • El 22/10/10 07:06, Tzafrir Cohen escribió:
    I think the OP is asking for the old MoH sound (fpm-world-mix, etc) that
    came with asterisk. I wonder why the change from the fpm sounds to the
    opsound ones, it was a licensing issue?

  • I think the original ‘fpm’ files were not as freely licenced as
    originally thought, so there was a need to change. The details and
    discussion will be in the mailing list archives, so I won’t bother
    repeating it here.

    The licences mentioned earlier in this thread all relate to the newer MoH files.