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Hello All,

after so long time i posted a new question regarding billing, hope anyone
have some solution.

I have situation in that i want to do billing of more than 1 call in real
time below are scenario and explanation.

A customer called my DID number and after that from here i dial few number
let say 5 number. once number are placed into DIAL
i will put this customer into conference [MEETME] , once a Members are
picked up call they will also patched into conference and
talking is started, every thing working fine with DIAL-PLAN and DB look up.

Now, i want to do billing on customer dialed my DID, and from that actually
it DIALED 5 numbers, how can i DO real time billing
into this situation, like numbers can be different It can be ISD,STD,Local
and also free .

if customer having initial balance of $100 then how can i check balance
every a situation once balance is nil then i want to disconnect
calls . is any one facing this type of situation.

give me some idea ,