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Hello list,

What servers would you suggest for:100 concurrent SIP calls, 4xT1 card, and
a not much busy website, i.e. getting 500-1000 hits a day.


Zeeshan A Zakaria

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  • Are you thinking of a single server to handle all of the above workload or
    are you thinking of 3 separate servers.

    Is transcoding an issue?

    Are the security needs the same between the SIP server (only access from
    known SIP peers), the TDM server (only ssh from you), and the web server
    (access from all)?

    Depending on the answers to the questions above, 1 or a couple of low
    powered Atom based systems may be up to the task. My only experience with
    “Atoms” is as a HTPC where the ION does most of the work and as a desktop
    where running several bzip2’s (compressing ISOs on an SSD) in the
    background doesn’t interfere with foreground interactivity.

    I could run a “sipp” command from an adjacent host to load up my desktop
    box if you can specify the command line…

  • In that case, how about a dell-server?

    And if it is not in a data center, take care of an UPS for both the
    server and any network equipment (modem’s, switches, POE-phones)


  • I am assuming you will rack this in a data-center.For a *server* I won’t get
    anything but Supermicro stuff. Amazing quality and compact.


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  • Yes, one server will do it all. It will not be in a data center but at
    customer premisis, so doesn’t have to be 1U.

    Zeeshan A Zakaria

  • I think I’ll prefer Dell over supermicro, as another customer I worked for
    always complained about supermicro. I also once used supermicro and I had no
    luck with it.

    But which model of Dell is good for this requirement? I don’t want to get
    over powerful server than required for this setup.

    Zeeshan A Zakaria

  • There is always one (or more) bad product from every manufacturer that
    leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Always keep you mind open and
    search before you hit the order button. For supply chain I like
    Supermicro. I don’t like all their products but I know I can get the
    right part with one order number from many distributors. IBM has a
    good supply chain and their parts are actually fairly priced.

    Andrew “lathama” Latham


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  • I just put in an HP DL360 G6 for a client spec with a Sangoma 4x PRI, a Sangoma 4x FXS and about 150 devices. Running live now on 1x PRI approx 20-calls and 60 phones, load is at zero.

    We went with the base machine Xeon 5500 + 4GB RAM, 2x PS, 2x HD (raid mirror)… about 3K$ but Im certain we are overspec’ed as we are not transcoding and the echo cancel is on the Sangoma board. Client has a rack full of HP, so they preferred to stay branded and “be safe” when it comes to the specs.

    Only hiccup I had with rackmounts and FXS cards is that the Sangoma boards need a molex connector which are nowhere to be found on the HPs due to the proprietary power connectors. We ended up cutting out the PCI card’s backplate and running a molex-only power cable right into the UPS.

    Besides the price, the HP machines are pretty swell.