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Hello list,

This may or may not be Asterisk related, but if I had hair I’d
pull it out over this. I have a TDM400P card in a Dell POWEREDGE 1550
running Asterisk 1.4.30. Everything works great except that every time it
rains, I get flooded with this CLI message –

== Starting post polarity CID detection on channel 1

4 thoughts on - DAHDI weather quirk

  • Talk to your phone company. It sounds like there is water in (on?)
    your lines. Back when I was on dialup, I had a big problem with this
    after a rain storm and I could only connect at 9600 baud.

  • +1 for talking to your phone company. I don’t believe there is a way
    the driver / hardware can handle if water is shorting tip and ring on
    your lines (without breaking something else).

  • I agree as well, your line is getting shorted to either ground or
    something with the polarity reversed and biasing it into that condition.
    A 9V battery in series with (not across) the line might provide some
    temporary relief when this happens, but its a line problem. Simple
    diagnosis, when it rains is your server wet ? if not then its not likely
    part of the problem or solution.