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We are facing a problem for orphaned parked calls, we have the following
asterisk -

and when we get an incoming call and after it gets parked, after some set
time (here its 2 min), it goes back to the operator, but the problem is that
randomly it tries to call SIP/5060 instead of SIP/2200 (where 2200 is the
extension number of the operator) and we get the error as “Unable to create
the channel of type SIP (cause code 20)” and then the call drops, we even
tried asterisk-, but in that version we were having problems with
paging/intercom using the phones.

[Oct 19 11:55:28] VERBOSE[2996] logger.c: == Timeout for SIP/5060-b781fe80
parked on 71. Returning to park-dial,SIP/5060,1
[Oct 19 11:55:28] VERBOSE[14641] logger.c: — Executing
[SIP/5060@park-dial:1] Dial(“SIP/5060-b781fe80”, “SIP/5060|30|t”) in new
[Oct 19 11:55:28] WARNING[14641] app_dial.c: Unable to create channel of
type ‘SIP’ (cause 20 – Unknown)
[Oct 19 11:55:28] VERBOSE[14641] logger.c: == Everyone is busy/congested
at this time (1:0/0/1)
[Oct 19 11:55:28] VERBOSE[14641] logger.c: == Auto fallthrough, channel
‘SIP/5060-b781fe80’ status is ‘CHANUNAVAIL’

We also have the option of “Page/Intercom” through the phones that auto

Can any one share any ideas or opinions?

Thank you,

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  • das sandesh wrote:


    You’ll need to create a context called park-dial and then put logic into
    it on how to handle a call. I have the following in my dial plan:

    ;* If the call that was parked, fails to be answered within the 120 seconds
    ;* rings back to the parking extension and that extension is busy. It will
    ;* continue to ring until it is answered. If for whatever reason, the
    ;* call is rejected, it will fail on a no timeout entry in the dial plan
    ;* This context has been created to send the caller back into the incoming
    ;* context to keep from dropping the call.


    exten => t,1,Goto(office-hours,s,6)