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i folk
warning from diegoviola
from paragway
he say working for bridgecomm
then teliax
then flowroute
isn’t that a lie only?
he need free morocco mobile traffic from me
i refuse him
i say to him if you help me with some web developement i can provide you lowered rate because was a friend of mine
but now i am avoiding him step by step
the asterisk folk may allready know him
he have a VPS in germany and US
tacking contact from me and from the irc channels to sell traffic to?
that’s not a traffic but a fad full route
diegoviola is the VoIp world killer and trouble maker

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One thought on - warning diego viola the trouble maker for the world

  • Hello everyone.

    This person called Meftah Tayeb is saying all these things about me
    because they kicked him out of his job at OVETEL, the truth is that he
    wanted to make business with me pretending that he was the OVETEL
    owner. And then I contacted the real owner and vice-president of
    OVETEL and they told me that:


    from Yaro Donchenko
    to Diego Viola
    date Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 7:18 PM
    subject Re: [Rates] Please tell Meftah Tayeb to stop harass and damage
    my company
    mailed-by ovetel.com

    I’m really sorry for this incident, the person is no longer related to OVETEL.

    Thank You very much for notifying us, and once again, I’m very sorry for this.

    Please let me know if I can do anything there.

    More over he was freeswitch consultant, and not even close to be an owner.

    Once again I’m very sorry for this and thank you very much for notifying us.