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I’ve configured LDAP to read both users and extensions from LDAP server.
However, I’m experiencing problems with state tracking. Previously when
using static files, I was able to map extension number with channel
state using:

exten => 100,hint,SIP/user
exten => user,hint,SIP/user
rest of the dialplan

Thus when someone called the user, hint SIP/user showed channel state as
BUSY and I was able to use call limits etc. Now I’ve added this line to

switch => Realtime/@

My hints, and call limits as well, stopped working. I’ve tried to move
hints to LDAP (which would be ideal situation for me), setting
AstPriority to “hint” but I don’t think they are event fetched. So the
question is… I’m I doing something wrong or it’s just impossible to
use those two solutions (hints + LDAP) together?

PS. I’m using Asterisk 1.6.2 if it helps with anything.

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One thought on - Using hint priority with LDAP extensions and users

  • Seems like I’ve managed to fix the issue. The first thing was that my
    LDAP schema didn’t allow for “gecos” attribute to be inside
    AsteriskSIPUser (provided asterisk.ldif misses a few things ;). Another
    one was to add “rtcachefriends=yes” to general section of “sip.conf”.
    The last was to add call-limit=AstAccountCallLimit to res_ldap.conf in
    [sip] section. Another issue is – can I keep hints in LDAP?

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