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AstriCon is less than two weeks away! If you haven’t booked your
flight to Washington DC, now’s your chance! The main hotel (the
Gaylord) is pretty booked, but that’s OK – there are still rooms a few
hundred feet away at some of the hotels around the complex (Aloft,
Wyndham, Hampton Inn, Residence Inn) and there are more hotels within
a short drive/cab of the venue.
Speakers at AstriCon

We’ve got some great last-minute speakers to announce – I’m pleased to
say that Ruben Sousa will be giving a talk on one of the largest open-
source Asterisk installations in the world (100,000 users, 184
servers) which is arrayed across the University system in Portugal. We
have a really solid line-up this year of talks focused on security and
scalability from Kevin Lynn, Sandro Gauci, the Great Olle Johansson,
and more! Many of the most active community developers, integrators,
and speakers will be on hand, along with some very interesting
announcements from Digium including the yearly roadmap and status
update from the Digium engineering group – don’t miss out on hearing
what’s new and what’s coming up! With the huge number of features that
have been added to 1.8, it’s possible that you’ll learn from someone
at the show how the newest release of Asterisk can benefit your
organization in a way you never expected.

Win an Apple iPAD at the AstriCon Ringer Rodeo!

“Saddle up pardners!” and prepare to reap the benefit of being the
fastest Asterisk geek in the West… make that “East”. Well, the fastest
Asterisk geek at AstriCon, anyways. We’ve devised a stunningly simple
contest (it’s almost too simple) to give away an Apple iPad – and with
only a low number of opportunities to compete (during the show party),
this could be the easiest iPad you win this millennium. Second and
third prizes are a Polycom IP-650 deskphone and aPanasonic KX-TGP500
DECT wireless phone.

The contest will demand the ability to hook up two SIP phones and an
IAX ‘trunk’, in addition to a small amount of dialplan programming.
You’ll be given all the details you need and you will not have to know
how to set up the actual phones – we’ve done that part for you.

Just like last year (when we gave away an unlocked HTC Hero Android
phone) there will be a number of timed rounds with the winning time in
each round going on to the leader board – the dude (or dudette) with
the fastest time on that board at the end of the party will be
presented with said iPad at the end of conference session in addition
to being admired and envied in equal measure by the gathered crowd!
David Duffett will be the chief rodeo wrangler – at the all-conference
party on Wednesday night, look for the man in pinstriped jacket and

Etc. etc.

I’ve been told there is a Water Taxi from the hotel dock to old Town
Alexandria. This is a great place to have dinner, wander around, and
see some of the sights of the DC area. And a boat taxi is always fun!
A mile or two up the river from Alexandria, there is also lots to do
in Washington, DC – it’s a great time of year to be there when it’s
not too hot, and not too cold.
Developers: there is the AstriDevCon on Friday from around 8:00 to
5:00, which will focus on hard-core code development and discussion of
particular issues in the codebase. If you speak C and find yourself
typing “make config” in your head when you meet someone new, this is
probably where you’ll find some interesting discussion. Sign up here
if you haven’t already. We do ask this to be a developer-only session,
so please be familiar with the code and the issue tracker if you plan
to attend. Also, don’t forget there is the chance to take the dCAP
test at AstriCon – kill two birds with one stone! See the AstriCon
website for more details.

Just two more weeks! See everyone there.