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I have a default installation of asterisk
When i create a user in users.conf via asterisk-gui,
calls, voicemail etc works.
But if i create a user realtime (and my realtime caching is available too)
i can see the realtime user with sip show peers.
But, my local dial rules does not work.
I can call from realtime user to static users(the ones in users.conf) and if
they are not available voicemail activates etc.

But when i call a realtime user which is already on peer list i got

chan_sip.c:20152 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘8888’ to extension ‘8888’
rejected because extension not found in context ‘DLPN_WorldcallDial’.

And this is when i call a static user (works normal)

Executing [6000@DLPN_WorldcallDial:1] Macro(“SIP/8888-0000001e”,
“stdexten,6000,SIP/6000”) in new stack

This is dlpn_worldcalldial

include = default
include = CallingRule_worldcall
include = parkedcalls
include = conferences
include = ringgroups
include = voicemenus
include = queues
include = voicemailgroups
include = directory
include = pagegroups
include = page_an_extension

Thanks a lot if you can tell me what to check

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