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Hello Asterisk Community,

Is there a way to check in asterisk cdrs and extension forwarded?

I mean, i’m calling to a ISDN number, wich goes to extension 8222, but
this extension is forwarded to another one, the problem is that in
CDRs i am able to see the the first step of the call, but never see
the forwarded extension, how can i do that?


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  • Hi,

    (Following is for asterisk 1.4)

    For the forwarded calls, you should see two entries in the cdr, and this is
    because a forwarded call is actually two separate calls. You have to look in
    the channel and dstchannel fields of the cdr to match the call ids of the
    calls to figure out which calls were forwarded. Incoming call’s channel
    value and outgoing call’s dstchannel value will be the same, except a comma
    and digit at the end, showing if it was the first call on that id, second,
    third or more.

    I have programmed two billing systems, and this is how I catch forwarded
    calls and bill them, works perfectly fine. Though it is confusing.

    Zeeshan A Zakaria

  • The real question is are you having the phone forward the calls or is your
    dial plan redirecting to outbound calling?