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I am wondering how I can make asterisk think that the user is registered on
it..Scheme is the following: user —-register—->kamailio (put data in
location table)——asterisk
All users are registered on kamailio and I want to duplicate that info on
asterisk. If a call comes to kamailio it will be forwarded to asterisk and
then to another user (registered on kamailio and ….I want register info be
on asterisk too). So I gather the info from location table on kamailio and
put it in ASTDB, so register info is there. But asterisk still thinks that
the user is not registered.
in astdb is the following about the user:
/SIP/Registry/1002200 :

Where asterisk stores the all info about registered users and how can I fake
it? Any help will be appreciated 🙂

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