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i forgot to ask, how can i get the user number from a caller he is in a conference, i don’t find a variable to us this for the current channel.
Only the command “meetme list ” shows the usernumber, but i can’t use this output.


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  • If you use AMI in an AGI you can parse this output and do something useful
    with it like mute the user or return the user number to your dial plan as
    a channel variable

  • why not?

    asterisk -rx ‘meetme list xxxx’

    Depending on your version, 1.6 has the concise argument, which
    transforms the output into convenient exclamation-point-separated

    Then you can send it off to awk -F’!’ and pick off the first value.

    asterisk -rx ‘meetme list xxxx concise’ | awk -F ‘!’ ‘{print $1}’