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Hi All,

My research indicates ANI is not really supported with SIP Channels or
passed between SIP servers, even with setting function CALLERID(ANI).
So the only place this applies is on PRI interfaces, when sending
calls out a ZAP PRI you can set the ANI to whatever and CID Number to
a different whatever so on the other end of the PRI you will receive
the two different values?

Is this correct or is there a way to set ANI on an outgoing SIP
channel (like to a PRI gateway) and the gateway will see a CID Number
and a separate ANI and insert that into the ISDN messaging down the

Thanks for any clarification.


One thought on - SIP and ANI

  • ANI and CID are same in SIP some people use P-Asserted-Identity header to
    send ANI , but that is not a standard specification just a workaround.