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Hi List,

I need to modify the callerID name of the call coming back when a parked
call returns to the extension that parked it when it times out.

Looking at app_parkandannounce.c

/* Now place the call to the extention */

snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), “%d”, lot);
memset(&oh, 0, sizeof(oh));
oh.parent_channel = chan;
oh.vars = ast_variable_new(“_PARKEDAT”, buf);
dchan = __ast_request_and_dial(dialtech, AST_FORMAT_SLINEAR,
dialstr,30000, &outstate, chan->cid.cid_num, chan->cid.cid_name, &oh);

I assume (I hope not incorrectly) that I have to modify the
variable chan->cid.cid_name

Could one of the Asterisk gurus point me in the right direction as to how to
do this?

Thanks in advance

One thought on - Modifying cid.cid_name in app_parkandannounce.c

  • Am 10.10.10 15:46, schrieb dotnetdub:
    Hello brian,

    this depends on your asterisk version. below 1.8 you would be fine with
    chan->cid.cid_name but to be honest use the buildin CALLERID(name)
    function would be much easier than changing this by yourself. Or just
    have a look how this function sets a calleridname.

    with 1.8 or trunk it would be chan->

    there is also a asterisk-dev list to ask specially this questions which
    depends on asterisk code itself 😉

    best regards