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Hi all,
What hell hapen here?
asterisk:/etc/asterisk# /etc/init.d/dahdi startLoading DAHDI hardware modules:FATAL: Error inserting dahdi (/lib/modules/2.6.26-2-686/dahdi/dahdi.ko): Device or resource busy wct4xxp: done wcte12xp: done wct1xxp: done wcte11xp: done wctdm24xxp: done wcfxo: done wctdm: done wcb4xxp: error wctc4xxp: done xpp_usb: doneError: missing /dev/dahdi!
When I installed the board, everything was going ok,but, suddenly, everything is going wrong!!!!

Flavio Roberto Miranda

Skype: flaviormiranda

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  • Best guess based on the information you provided: zaptel was installed
    on this machine and is already loaded and registered major number 196.
    That would explain both the “Device or resource busy” error, and the
    fact that dahdi failed to load, yet most of the board drivers appear to
    have loaded (since the zaptel ones probably loaded up and the wcb4xxp
    driver did not load).

  • The message is likely coming from the telco or from the destination number. It is a common issue. I usually put something in my dialplan to retry all calls that receive an unexpected hangup cause to work around the telco seemingly randomly sending back odd hangup causes. You should not retry ALL calls, only ones with unexpected hangup causes.

  • I have checked destination numbers are correct as otherwise calls to those
    numbers are connecting fine. I opened verbose logs and digged into it more.
    I found out can’t dial any channels from DAHDI/24 on first E1. Before that
    channel calls are going through fine. I tried test calls to second E1 and
    can’t dial on it either.

    When I check channel or E1 status it is showing fine. Checked chan_dahdi and
    system conf files and see all channels are configured fine.

    Could you please help?

  • This sounds like you have it set for T1 somehow? Have you upgraded
    anything lately? Other than that, a Trend tester will show the
    problem(s) to you.

    BTW – E1’s are 32 channel (not 31). It’s 30B+2D.