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I’m looking for a virtualization technique with which I could easily assign
PCI/PCIe boards to virtual machines.

If this matters, I don’t need to be able to use several boards nor to run
several virtual machines at the same time as I’m just looking for a way to
easily mimic several production machines on the same hardware and switch
from one project to another.
In every project, I’m using the same OS (Debian).

In my previous searches, I’ve read LXC could be matching my needs but I
couldn’t read anything about PCI assignment.

Suggestions ?


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  • Hi,

    you might try opensource Xen with paravirtualized Linux-guests, which
    supports PCI-passthrough quite good.

    Running several Asterisk-servers at one time might be problematic,
    because of real time and latency problems, but using just one system
    should be possible.

  • LXC works by having one kernel and many containers kept separate from each
    other, so unless otherwise instructed to, each container can access any
    hardware that the host system can. (well, almost) There is a simple
    permissions system to stop containers accessing hardware though (or
    allow). So – while it’s not something I’ve tried myself (don’t have
    additional PCI hardware in my LXC boxes) it ought to work, however the
    real experts are here:

    Asterisk works just fine under LXC with internal timing, however LXC (at
    least the one I’m using) doesn’t support real-time prioritys (the -p flag)
    that’s not been an issue for me so-far though…