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Has anyone successfully integrated Asterisk with an Inter-tel Axxess phone
system via a SIP trunk using the IPRC card?

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  • I have, believe it or not, integrated Asterisk with Inter-Tel.

    However, not via SIP. Run the costs.

    When I did, it was way cheaper to integrate asterisk with Inter-Tel
    via PRI card than via SIP, especially when you figured price per
    channel. I had a bunch of PRI cards on Inter-Tel talking to asterisk.
    That was revision one.

    Revision two, as we got bigger, I went to Cisco gear, like the 3845,
    and plugged the PRIs from Inter-Tel into the Cisco gear, and used the
    Cisco gear for the SIP conversion. This let asterisk talk straight SIP
    and not worry about talking directly to the Inter-Tel.

    We grew the Inter-Tel to as big as we could get it, offloaded as much
    as we could, and eventually we couldn’t fit our call center into it
    anymore. Now we’re Cisco for the call center.

    I don’t know whether what I used was called Inter-Tel Axxess. I always
    just called it Inter-Tel.

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    I would delete a user’s station, and then create a phantom extension with their extension in the Axxcess system, that when dialed, would forward to the Asterisk system’s DID for that user. Asterisk would pick it up on the way “out” and connect it, so it didn’t end up eating lines in our T1.

  • It worked, I dare say, flawlessly. Well, as flawlessly as Inter-Tel
    worked. Still had to watch out for line error counters, and still had
    to reboot it daily (Windows + Inter-Tel equals unstable).

    When sending calls into Inter-Tel, the other side, probably asterisk,
    masquerades as telco sending in call as PRI.

    In the other direction, you configure the lines as OPX, or off-premise
    extensions. Just make the extensions match for each line on the PRI
    and set your dialplan so you keep things making sense.

  • How did the setup work as far as extensions on the Inter-Tel system
    contacting extensions on the asterisk system?

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