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If my understanding is correct, these days it seems that many ISDN BRI lines
are configured in energy saving mode in which signalling D-channel is
“dropped” until a new call comes in.

Is it possible to replicate this behaviour with Asterisk (when Asterisk is
in NT mode and is seen as a public ISDN by another PBX, for instance) ?
If not, would you it would be a useful addition to Asterisk ?


5 thoughts on - How to test BRI lines energy saving mode ?

  • Olivier wrote:
    Energy saving??? I don’t think so.

    If the D channel is down, how would I make an outgoing phone call?
    Something in this mode or your explanation just does not sound right…

    Lyle Giese
    LCR Computer Services, Inc.

  • 2010/10/7 Lyle Giese

    I’m far from fluent on ISDN signalling but I’ve read several times telco use
    some energy saving mode.
    For instance here:

    Maybe the words “D-channel is “dropped”” are misleading in this context but
    the fact remains if telco are using some kind “energy saving mode”, how can
    we reproduce it ?


  • 2010/10/7 Andrew Thomas

    Thanks for these interesting links !

    So this Activation/Desactivation feature seems to be missing in Asterisk.
    Would you say it should be implemented in libpri, in dahdi, or both ?

  • Well, to go slightly O/T:

    If you read the issue tracker for 17270 – it appears to be a LibPri
    ‘fault’. So I would say that the main work would need to be in LibPri

    Maybe someone who knows LibPri and DAHDI better can explain how the two