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    Hi All,
    Please can anyone tell me the difference between 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8 asterisk


  • Nope. The developer’s just got tired of typing .4

    Of course, the joke’s on them — 1.8 is only .4 better than 1.4.

  • For a production environment, 1.4 is the most stable, and it has everything
    one needs to setup a telecom platform. As per my understanding 1.6 never got
    the same recognition for stability as 1.4, plus it doesn’t have any
    significant advantages over 1.4. The newer version 1.8 series might be my
    next jump once it’ll be out of beta, but at this time it should not be used
    in a production environment. Many of us still use 1.4 in production and if
    you are just starting, this’ll be your best choice.

    Zeeshan A Zakaria

  • Back in the days i heard that they have changed the architecture in 1.6 and
    its a lot better than 1.4 (6 times better call handling and robust
    architecture, someone told me). If they have decided to take the 1.6
    architecture to the next level in the new 1.8 version then its a good thing.

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  • Here is a presentation from Kevin P. Fleming, Director of Software
    Technologies at Digium. Information might be old by now still gives a good
    overview of what is new in 1.6:


    Summary of his presentation is as follows:

    – Asterisk 1.6 contains much new functionality, although nothing
    – Asterisk 1.6’s core has been improved in many ways that will reduce the
    performance impact of new features being added and also the likelihood
    of difficult to find locking and data structure bugs
    – Future releases of Asterisk 1.6 (1.6.1, 1.6.2, etc.) will get new
    functionality as well, in a controlled fashion
    – Asterisk 1.6.0 is not recommended for production usage yet, but we would
    very much like users to try it, report problems and help test the product in
    more scenarios than the development can test themselves

  • I find version is stable for trunk call routing, and it should
    be too for basic call center use. The asterisk team has made some
    architectural improvements (moving to astobj2 a lot of internal
    structures, and much more you may not see from a user perspective) but
    given the several environment and different use cases, fear to upgrade
    or proven 1.4 stability for the job, the people usually don’t upgrade or
    make it slowly with a lot of previous tests before making the jump.

    If you use FAX, I recommend you 1.6.2 or later. The app_fax module is
    far better than the ast-agx-addons for 1.4.

    The good old (now unsupported) 1.2 works for many people, ask Steve.

    So it’s up to you.


  • Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts and information. If anyone knows a
    good article about asterisk 1.8 then please let me know about it. I have
    read the presentation by Kevin Fleming but more information is always good.


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