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Good afternoon list,

I’m having a problem using the function CALLERPRES() when connection to a

When I call an extension, before the Dial (), I select the function
CALLERPRES () as “unavailable” to link the extension comes as anonymous. But
if I call a queue before the Queue (), I select the function CALLERPRES() as
“unavailable”, but the identification appears normal.

Is it a problem or configuration? Someone can have for that?


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  • Hi,

    Bump to see if anyone can help us too.

    Really this is a problem. I don’t want to show the caller id number and
    name to the Agent in certain conditions. Changing the CID will mess the
    CDR/Queue log and this is not the acceptable behavior.

    In the Dial app, everything is OK.


    Em 06-10-2010 17:35, Rodrigo Lang escreveu: