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I am setting up a test lab using BRI to connect two pbxs together.
I am new to BRI / ISDN. For now I am just need some advice
on what hardware which supports NT mode to use.
I am also looking for info on setting up the BRI card in asterisks,
setting the channels, mode type etc.  Once I got a good grip
on ISDN BRI basic rate, my  goal is to have 2 BRI ports which will be connected
to Telco

and 2 Ports for Inter PBX.

The hardware should be able to support NT/TE modes configuration
for each port.

thanks in advance


One thought on - Inter pbx communication via BRI

  • 2010/10/4 Zakir Mahomedy

    Digium B410P cards seem to fully support NT/TE modes (in both PtP or PtmP
    Maybe looking at newer Digium hybrid cards should be worth.