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Hi All,

for a vicidial server which uses only voip,
which is the minimum telephony card which would provide the required clock timing source for conferences to work properly ?

Maybe the Digium TDM410PLF card
without any daughter card
would do the job ?

Thank you very much for supporting.

Have a nice week-end,

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  • On 10/2/10 11:24 AM,
    href=”mailto:mancyborg@gmail.com”>mancyborg@gmail.com wrote:

    My recommendation would be to use DAHDI 2.4.0 Just having DAHDI loaded
    is enough to provide timing / mix conferences without any other
    configuration (i.e., no need to load dahdi_dummy). If your server can
    keep accurate wall time, then it will be able to provide adequate timing
    / mixing for VOIP.

  • On Sat, Oct 02, 2010 at 06:24:24PM +0200,
    href=”mailto:mancyborg@gmail.com”>mancyborg@gmail.com wrote:

    Can’t speak for vicidial, but MeetMe() works fine for me with asterisk
    1.4 and ztdummy. I would assume 1.6 with dahdi works similarly…


  • Good news, very well.

    Thank you very much and have a nice day,

    On Sat, 02 Oct 2010 11:38:49 -0500
    Shaun Ruffell wrote:

    href=”mailto:mancyborg@gmail.com”>mancyborg@gmail.com wrote: