2 thoughts on - debian/dahdi/zaphfc – Unable to receive TEI fromnetwork!

  • Am 02.10.2010 15:55, schrieb Alex:

    Exactly the same scenario for me. I talked to tzafrir on IRC but
    unfortunately I did that during a very busy time for me so I wasn’t able
    to devote the time it would have needed.
    For me problems started when upgrading to DAHDI 2.4.0 (from
    But maybe the fault in my case lies in libpri 1.4.12 because that is
    what’s needed for Asterisk 1.8.0.
    However, downgrading to (even with the newer libpri) makes
    things work again. So I’m almost sure that it’s somewhere in the
    DAHDI/vzaphfc code.