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i am not a expert on Asterisk and search a lot of small information :

I use Asterisk with MySQL.

That’s work and in my extension.conf, i have:
switch => Realtime

and in extconfig.conf
extensions => mysql,general,VOIP_Extensions
A lot of Extension are into the table VOIP_Extensions.

I am search to know if i can add a :
switch => Realtime

but not use the table “VOIP_Extensions” but “VOIP_Extensions_Beta”

Anyone know if it’s possible ? (use two table for extension)


6 thoughts on - Asterisk/Realtime and MySQL

  • [ivr_holiday]
    switch => Realtime/ivr_holidays@extensions

    where ‘ivr_holidays’ is context and ‘extensions’ is table

  • Dont think you can use two tables.. But you’re using two contexts there right? Just have your ‘beta’ stuff in the same table, but different context.


  • Thanks, it’s limited the number of table ?

    Le 01/10/2010 11:07, Захаров Антон a écrit :

  • Le 01/10/2010 11:10, Steve Howes a écrit :

    Yes but i want two table, not two context in one table.

  • After test, that’s don’t work :=<
    Le 01/10/2010 11:07, Захаров Антон a écrit :