Music On Hold Help


We have a customer that does not care for the default MoH. We have downloaded some royalty free music but it sounds 'fuzzy' when we
test it with the system. We down sample it to 16bit, 8KHz, Mono. We have tried with Audacity,
CoolEdit Pro, & VLC. Does someone have a file they can send me that we can test with, or has any
tips? Much appreciated,

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setting standard with asterisk


Hi i'm managing a web conference website designed in flash. I have the
possibility to redirect rtmp streams to my asterisk server, but i now need
to provide a phone number to my customers so they can listen to the flash
based conference using a telephone. im new to voip so i don't really know
where to start. Basically i need to get a phone number that will redirect
people to a menu where they set a code that allows them to enter the
matching conference...any clue ? thanks :! Gabriel

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billsec=0 when using Local channel


Hi, I've got a dialplan that transfers all outgoing calls to a Local channel before dialling out via SIP.
I did this because sometimes i'm dialling two numbers at the same time and need to know which call is answered for billing purposes. However, I've just noticed that billsec is always equal to 0 even though i know the calls were answered. I now have to take the cdrs from my provider and recalculate the billsec manually. Any ideas why Local/ causes billsec to always be zero? Ive seen quite a few bug reports but no resolution. I'm using…

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