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Asterisk As A Distributed Paging System

I’m building a paging system composed of roughly 10 switches in daisy chain, with an embedded box with a speaker and a microphone for each switch. The embedded box runs my software.

I need the system to be resilient to any network partition, so that anyone can send announces from any mic to all the reachable clients. I’d need also to page a subset of all the speakers.

I’m currently using some software I wrote which sends voice over multicast RTP and coordinates all the sites with multicast messages.

I don’t own the switches so each site will be assigned an address by DHCP, that’s why I’m using multicast.

I heard of asterisk and SIP as a possible alternative to my software, and I’d rather use tested and widely adopted software.

Is there a way asterisk could be of use, or would I need to bend it too much?

Thank you in advance,


Costa Rica Hangup Detection

Hi all! I’m configuring a digium tdm card in Costa Rica, every things works well, but calls don’t hangup. I’ve tested setting up progzone=br but dont work. Thanks for any help.


Asterisk T38

In the simplest terms I can think of, I’m going to describe what I want to do and I want to know if it’s possible in the current asterisk version.

Can I take a T38 call from an ATA, convert that back to analog and have asterisk screech that out on a POTS line to a remote fax machine. Would it work?

And could I receive an incoming fax the same way?

Please don’t talk to me about alternatives to faxing. I can’t take the fax machine away from the end user, they don’t want to hear about it. I either need to make it work or tell them to get a POTS line.