Asterisk Qualify


The qualification is the process of checking for a host in order to know whether it is alive or not, and have that information reported in milliseconds with sip show settings. You can set how often the qualification will be done with the 'qualifyfreq' setting in the sip.conf file. If  your Asterisk box if facing the Internet, and the device connecting to it is inside of a NAT device, you have to turn on qualify=yes to keep the NAT session opened. Also, qualifying devices is the way for Asterisk to keep track of who is available for things like BLF.

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VoIP Abuse Project


By popular request, we've convinced someone from the VoIP Abuse Project to join us tomorrow at noon on VUC. I think many of you will be interested in this topic, so please come by, join in and ask questions. for all connection info and links to VoIP Abuse Project A couple of other features and announcements are scheduled after that segment, including an Astricon update and maybe even something about a mysterious book I have heard about. Call in from 11:40 AM - prefer g722 and accept g711 - - Call widget on the site during conference hours. See you there! /r

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How To Pick A Codec On The Fly In Asterisk


I'm trying to test an IVR system with recorded prompts and would like to be able to call 1234 and have the codec be gsm, 2234 slin, 3234 ulaw, etc. I know I can set up 3 users where #1 is gsm,  #2 is ulaw and #3 is slin; Need it the other way so I can do DAHDI--> IAX testing. Daniel Tryba (daniel at tryba dot nl) came in with this interesting solution:

exten => 1234,1,Set(SIP_CODEC=alaw)
exten => 1234,n,Goto(0234,1)
exten => 2234,1,Set(SIP_CODEC=slin)
exten => 2234,n,Goto(0234,1)
Should do the trick.

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