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In my old office, for conference purpose , gotomeeting was used. also for the lecture delivery, same gobomeeting was used, most the time , we need to listen voice only. also, we use to share desktop screen. But as far as I know SIP is the standard for video telephony. SIP can handle video +Audio. now, I am thinking that, I can give solution like selling a server which has Asterisk over it. AFAIK, Asterisk can handle VoIP calls. Now system will load some GUI application from there he can add remove users. Now at the same time I want to give small device which has Wifi + LCD (for video) + Android + webcam+Sipdroid or IMSdroid. China can make such device in less then 100 dollar. now, every customer will be given with a unique number of video calling. So I am thinking for selling such Office-Videotelefony solution based on opensoure and open standard. this is one of the many idea which i am trying to explore. I am a totally new user to Asterisk work but working as FOSS evangelist and developer for last 2 years. I am totally aware of ‘open ecosystem’.
Please share your thought on this idea and obstacle.

PS: desktop screen sharing will be possible with some hacks.. (not impossible)