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I need asterisk to route the call to soft switch when the caller is not in its extensions list. And also when routing to soft switch, a number 4327 has to be added in the caller’s number and then routed. I think its not so hard in asterisk. Please help me.


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  • Hello Pratik,

    Could you please elaborate your question a little more (describe better
    your scenario)?
    Are you sure to be using properly the terms ‘caller’, and not instead of
    ‘callee’? (caller : makes call, callee : receives call)


    Pratik Shrestha wrote:

  • Oh so sorry.
    Yes you are right, the ‘callee’.

    We have one soft switch somewhere located in US.
    When the call comes, then asterisk has to see the callee number in the sip
    extensions. If the number is not in its extensions, then that call should be
    routed to that soft switch in US. But the condition is, a number 4237 should
    be added in callee’s number. For example,

    The call comes destined to ‘123456’, the asterisk will see in its sip
    extensions. If the number is there then the conversation will start right
    away. But if the extension is not there, then asterisk with route this call
    to softswitch but 4237 added, that is callee’s number will be 4237123456.

    I hope you understand me.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Read

    But I’m guessing you knew that and are just after getting someone else to do the work…

    Just create a catch-all pattern to match anything your specific dialplan doesn’t (what it does match is completely unknown as you have yet to satisfactorily describe any of your system to us). I’d guess as _X. but i have no idea of your setup…

    Then to add the prefix just make it dial SIP/softswitchpeer/4327${EXTEN}

    EXTEN will be filled with the existing number.