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We’re trying to make voice and SMS apps easier and more common. We solved one part of the problem with pay-as-you-go cloud-scale Asterisk hosting, and now we’re trying to make the app setup easier. With a few exceptions, setup docs are too rare, and they depend on knowing too much about Asterisk. That complexity deters businesses from integrating phone calls into their products.

So we just put up $250 bounties for writing simple setup docs for some Asterisk apps: Web-MeetMe, BigBlueButton, MonAst, AsterCRM, Queue-Tip, Flash Operator Panel, and Asterisk PHP Event Monitor.

Basically, install one of these apps interoperating with Asterisk on Cloudvox, document what you did so others can do it too, get $250. Here’s details:

Our goal is to make these apps deployable without needing to know much about voice infrastructure, and hopefully that will encourage others to add phone calls, SMS, and video to their services.