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I built an LXC container with an "image" of asterisk 11.18 precompiled and installed. It runs fine on the dev platform, which is a Dell R320 running Ubuntu 14.04LTS. I shutdown the container, tarred it up, and untarred on a Dell PE1850, also running Ubuntu 14.04LTS. The container itself is Ubuntu 14.04LTS. Both platforms as far as I know are amd64.

The container boots fine on the 1850, but trying to run asterisk segfaults. The source tree was still in the container, so I just did a make clean; make; make install. It now runs fine.

Is there some compile flag I…

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Sip Registrations Question


Hello everyone

I want to know if it is somehow possible for asterisk to consider new registration attempts instead of matching them with old nonce

Correct auth, but based on stale nonce received from '"test" < sip:3247@>;tagya401979bffd0d9o0'

I see messages like the one above, I understand it is because of existing expire value but would like the previous expire timer to reset and issue a new registration instead

Regards, Mark

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Custom Header When Busy


Hi, all

Is there someway ability to insert custom Header to "SIP 486" message, when HANGUP application is invoked?

Our use case is to set that Header, when call-limit is reached, to analyze elsewhere, but we do not want to set some custom causecode in HANGUP application because this can confuse a calling equipment.

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Question On Permit/deny


I see in my log file this: Jun 30 21:44:26] NOTICE[42192][C-000002f3] chan_sip.c: Call from '' ( to extension '011972592675431' rejected because extension not found in context 'default'.

which is great its rejected - however in my sip.conf file I have

deny= permit=x.y.z.z/ permit=a.b.c.d/

So I'm expecting to deny everything and only allow the two addresses I have listed of which the is not one of?

What is wrong with my permit/deny ?



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Help With Physical Layer (Tony Kasule)



At first should take a look to cable pinout (RAD documents) as pin 1,2, Transmit (output) and 4, 5 Receive (input) for Digium card you should use a straight cable (try to test with new cable one too). Second check Dahdi configuration parameters, use dahdi commands as; dahdi show status, service dahdi restart and check result, (could a mistake on parameter value on system.conf). Mc GRATH Ricardo

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